√ Lightness, flexibility, adaptability to the surface
√ Capacity of the structure to withhold important soil levels

Options and types

Standard color: black; also available in green or brown.
Special versions:
R1: with reinforcement by PET geogrids of various strengths.
MR: with waterproof membrane.

Main applications

Infrastructure and geotechnical works


3-D anti-erosion geomat made of polypropylene monofilaments heat-welded to each other in the contact points and tangled according to a cuspate structure, with void index > 90%. The geomat will have the following characteristics:
• thickness … mm.
• mass per unit area… g/m2.
• tensile strength MD/CD …/… kN/m
• deformation at maximum load MD/CD …/… %

Properties Test Unit Values
type     9.1 13.1 19.1
thickness at 2 kPa EN ISO 9863-1 mm 9 13 19
mass per unit area EN ISO 9864 g/m2 430 490 550
minimum void index   % 90
tensile strength MD* EN ISO 10319 kN/m 2,0 2,0 2,3
tensile strength CD*  EN ISO 10319 kN/m 1,0 1,0 1,0
deformation at maximum load MD* EN ISO 10319 % 80,0 55,0 55,0
deformation at maximum load CD* EN ISO 10319 % 40,0 60,0  50,0

* MD= machine direction; CD=cross direction
Expected minimum durability of 25 years in natural terrains with 4<pH<9 and temperatures <25°C. Standard colour: black UV stabilized by carbon black. The product should not be exposed to UV for over one month.Product also available in the versions: R1 – with reinforcement through PET geogrids of various strengths MR – with waterproof membrane

Standard size Unit Values
type   9.1 13.1 19.1
roll width m 2,15 4,30 2,10 4,20 2,10 4,20
roll length m 55 120 40 40 50 50

The data expressed here are provided in good faith and refer to the mean values of the current production; we reserve the right to update the performances without notice, following technological development and/or our experiences. The product users will have to ascertain its compatibility with its specific utilisation.