√ Lightness, flexibility, adaptability to the surface
√ Total biodegradability of the natural fiber

Options and types

The ITALMANT Biomat is available in straw, coconut or a blend of these two fibers;
The ITALMANT-NET Bionet is made of jute fibers.

Main applications

Infrastructure and geotechnical works


Natural anti-erosion Biomat/Bionet made of … fiber ( … %) and …….fiber ( … %), with mass per unit area equal to 500 g/m2.

Properties Test Unit Values
type     P PC PPC C J-NET
fiber  straw     straw straw 50%coconut 50% straw 70% coconut 30% coconut jute
mass per unit area   g/m2 500
mesh size  mm           20 x 15

* The Biomats are supplied in rolls; the Bionets are supplied in bales.
The Biomats are bordered by two micronets in PP.

Properties Unit Values
type   P PC PPC C J-NET
width* m 2,4 1,2
length* m 42 68,5

The data expressed here are provided in good faith and refer to the mean values of the current production; we reserve the right to update the performances without notice, following technological development and/or our experiences. The product users will have to ascertain its compatibility with its specific utilisation.