Geocomposite for planar drainage systems, obtained by continuous thermobonding of an extruded monofilaments core with a geotextile for separation and filtration and a laminated layer for separation.









Characteristics Test method Unit Value Tol
thickness at 2 kPa EN ISO 9863-1 mm 8,0 +/-10%
mass per unit area EN ISO 9864 g/m2 880 +/-10%
tensile strength MD&CMD EN ISO 10319 kN/m 20/18 +/-15%
in-plane flow capacity MD EN ISO 12958 l/(m.s) see table below +/-20%


Contacts Load Hydraulic gradient
0,03 1,00
soft/soft 20 kPa - 2,90 (CE flow)
soft/rigid 20 kPa 0,42 3,00
100 kPa 0,24 1,70
200 kPa 0,15 1,20



Characteristics Test method Unit Value Tol
structure mechanically bonded nonwoven, thermotreated      
raw material polypropylene UV-stabilized      
tensile strength MD&CMD EN ISO 10319 kN/m 7,5 +/-20%
static puncture resistance EN ISO 12236 N 1300 +/-15%
dynamic perforation resistance EN ISO 13433 mm 36 +/-20%
flux normal to the plane EN ISO 11058 l/(m2.s) 110 +/-30%
characteristic opening size O90 EN ISO 12956 micron 100 +/-30%
width   cm 200/405 +/-2%



Characteristics Test method Unit Value Tol
structure three dimensional geomat made by extruded monofilaments arranged in channels parallel to MD direction.      
raw material polypropylene UV-stabilized by carbon-black      
width   cm 200/405 +/-2%



Characteristics Test method Unit Value Tol
structure woven geotextile coated on both sides      
raw material polypropylene (woven geotextile); polymeric coating      
tensile strenght MD&CMD EN ISO 10319 kN/m 18/16 +/-15%
width   cm 215/420 +/-2%


Standard geocomposite sizes

Characteristics Unit min max Tol
width cm 200 405 av
length m 50 50 av
roll area m2 100 202,5 +/-4%
roll diameter cm 75 75 av


Test directions

MD = machine dir. – CMD = cross machine dir.
av = average value – when a tolerance is displayed, it refers to a 95% confidence level
Sizes: composite's sale unit is the roll area
Durability – Predicted to be durable for a minimum of 25 years in natural soils with 4 < pH < 9 and soil temperatures <25°C
Product has to be covered within 14 days after installation


Above data refer to average values measured on the current production; we reserve the right to update the performances without notice, following the development of our technology, knowledge or experience. The user shall verify the fitness of the product to his specific purpose.